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Exxelia Group designs and manufactures innovative electronic and electromechanical solutions that offer high levels of performance and reliability.

Exxelia Group was incorporated in 2009 when a group of companies specialized in the design and manufacture of high-tech components joined forces to pool their know-how. This collective strength has elevated our position in the competitive hierarchy.


Exxelia USA

Exxelia U.S.A manufacturers a versatile cast of rugged, metalized-film and film foil capacitors. These include film-wrapped, premolded epoxy cased, cast and hermetically sealed metal case capacitors for applications where high-performance, reliability and economy are essential. Features include AC ratings, high-temperature operation and exceptional stability, low-loss, close tolerances, long-life and high-reliability.

Dielectrics include Polyester (also known as Mylar), Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, kraft/paper, Polyphenylene Sulfide, Polyethylenenaphthalate, FPE, MPF and Teflon.

Configurations include Wrap and Fill, Hermetic Tubular, Axial, Radial, Bath Tub, Lugs, Brackets, Feed Through, Glass Tube, Ceramic Tube, Large Rectangular Cans, Resin Case and Custom.

Standard operating ranges are from -55°C to +150°C depending upon dielectric and capacitance values form 0.0001 µF to 2,000 µF.

Exxelia U.S.A also manufacturers EMI filters that utilize either film or ceramic discoidal capacitors and are offered in various design configurations. In addition we offer Aluminum Electrolytic alternatives and low ESR tantalum surface mount devices.

Our Custom Design Products

Exxelia U.S.A has extensive custom design capabilities and provides these designs to various market segments including aerospace, military and other industrial areas. Exxelia U.S.A has the resources and know-how for a wide-range of custom capacitor manufacturing applications.

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