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CCM: Exxelia’s new standard technology of Magnetics

feature-image-productsEngineers show more and more interest in inductors and transformers with multiple outputs, high power density and reduced footprint. Exxelia Group has developed the CCM technology (Chameleon Concept Magnetics).

The CCM range is available in 5 different sizes to fit the various needs of the market and allow for optimized component design.

The benefits of this technology are:

  • Its flexibility
    • The number of available pins varies from 6*2 pins for the smallest package up to 2*10 pins for the CCM25 package
    • Possibility to use all available magnetic core materials to optimize the product design
  • Its robustness : the CCMs have been defined to be a monolithic product and show a high mechanical resistance. This is confirmed by the shock and vibration tests that were performed and successfully passed. Tests have been done according to MILSTD202, methods 213 and 204
  • Its thermal behaviour : the CCM products can operate in a wide temperature range : minimal temperature is -55°C. The standard thermal grade of the technology is 180°C. Thanks to the technology design, the temperature rise is reduced compared to products manufactured in common technologies
  • The epoxy moulding is protecting the winding and ensures lower gradient of temperature and a better heat dissipation
  • The compatibility of the technology with the new alkaline cleaning as Vigon.
  • SMD or TH versions are possible. SMD is today the preferred option of customers

The thermal resistance information is available for each casing.

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