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Capacitors: High Temperature

  • Film Capacitors

    SeriesCapacitanceVoltageT° RangeToleranceDielectricNotes


    0.001µF to 10µF50Vdc to 400Vdc-55°C to 150°CPolyphenylene Sulfide

    Timing, feed back circuits, filtering and decoupling.


    0.1µF to 2.7µF400Vdc to 400Vdc-45°C to 200°CKapton
  • Tantalum Capacitors

    SeriesCapacitanceVoltageT° RangeTypeNotes

    CT 79 HT200

    1.7µF to 1200µF6VDC to 125VDC-55°C to +200°C


    CT 79E HT200

    2.5µF to 2200µF6VDC to 150VDC-55°C to +200°C


  • High Temperature Capacitors

    Exxelia Group has a long history providing high temperature capacitors to various industries. Several dielectrics, such as plastic (PTFE; PI; & PEI), reconstituted mica, aluminum electrolytic, tantalum and ceramic are used for manufacturing high temperature capacitors. Many are impregnated with solid thermo-setting resins such as epoxy, polyester or silicone. Exxelia is continually evaluating and testing new dielectrics that are currently under develop by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), DARPA, DOE and NASA.

    These technologies provide very high stability of mechanical and electrical characteristics with temperature capabilities of -55°C to as high as +230°C, depending on the dielectric technology, and some do not require voltage de-rating. Rated voltages span from 30 VDC to as high as 60,000 VDC with capacitance ranges 100pF to 30µF.

  • Extensive Heat Cycling with Long Operational Life

    High temperature capacitors have a wide variety of different uses depending on the industry. In avionics, for example, they are required to fulfill a large number of different tasks. The operating temperature of avionics equipment can vary significantly depending on their location, ranging from anywhere between 130 degrees Fahrenheit to 390 degrees or more. As a result, these types of capacitors are used to power electronics like motor controls, landing systems, fuel pumps and more. The high temperature capacitors will help make sure that these types of equipment can both withstand the extensive heat cycling and go through a long operational life.

    When you’re performing any type of application, it is always important to consider the type of capacitor that you choose to use very carefully. High temperature tantalum capacitors and high temperature ceramic capacitors are just two of the main types that are available to work reliably at high temperatures where other types of solutions might fail.

  • High Temperature Tantalum Capacitors

    High temperature tantalum products are designed for use in situations where you might be using down-hoe drilling equipment, for example. They are ideal for this type of input and output due to their capabilities for high ripple current. They have also been known to have the additional benefit of current values that offer lower leakage compared to other types of capacitor technologies.

  • High Temperature Ceramic Capacitors

    High temperature ceramic capacitors and high temperature mica capacitors are often used in situations that require a higher voltage or a higher power than normal. Because of the ways in which they are built, they can offer low ESR and excellent inrush current and ripple capabilities that other types of capacitors cannot. The only downside is that they tend to be physically larger than other types of capacitors.

    The automotive industry is another area where high temperature capacitors are required. The temperature conditions can vary dramatically depending on what area of a car you’re talking about. The brake systems, the engine and the transmission are often the most temperature intensive areas.

  • Do You Need Highly Reliable, High Temp Capacitors?

    The main goal of high temperature capacitors is to allow for stable performance of electrical equipment at high temperatures. They are also involved heavily in applications that require a high level of reliability. Though there are a wide variety of different capacitors and types of technologies that are available depending on the needs of the situation, only a few are available that can operate in a reliable way once temperatures become elevated. High temperature capacitors made out of materials like ceramic or tantalum are usually employed when an application begins to operate at a temperature near or above 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

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