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Capacitors: Mica Capacitors

  • Silvered Mica

    SeriesCapacitanceVoltageT° RangeToleranceDielectricNotes

    CA 1

    10pF to 22nF500V to 5000VSilvered Mica

    CA 15

    4.7pF to 4700pF63V to 300VSilvered Mica

    CA 152

    220pF to 680pF63V to 160VSilvered Mica

    CA 154

    220pF to 1500pF63V to 250VSilvered Mica

    CA 155

    2200pF to 10nF250V to 400VSilvered Mica

    CA 156

    5600pF to 15nF160V to 250VSilvered Mica

    CA 157

    2700pF to 4700pF63V to 500VSilvered Mica

    CA 158

    2700pF to 4700pF63V to 500VSilvered Mica

    CA 17

    4.7pF to 1000pF300V to 500VSilvered Mica

    CA 18

    4.7pF to 1500pF500V to 1000VSilvered Mica

    CA 19

    390pF to 22nF500V to 1000VSilvered Mica

    CA 2

    1000pF to 100nF500V to 5000VSilvered Mica

    CA 2 L

    1500pF to 100nF500V to 2000VSilvered Mica

    CA 20

    4.7pF to 15nF63V to 500VSilvered Mica

    CA 30

    470pF to 3300pF500V to 120Silvered Mica

    CA 35

    3300pF to 15nF300V to 500VSilvered Mica

    CA 40

    3300pF to 15nF300V to 500VSilvered Mica

    CM 10

    270pF to 390pF500VSilvered Mica

    CM 11

    430pF to 4700pF500VSilvered Mica

    CM 12

    5100pF to 12000pF500VSilvered Mica

    CM 4

    200pF to 390pF100V to 500VSilvered Mica

    CM 5

    270pF to 390pF500VSilvered Mica

    CM 6

    430pF to 4700pF500VSilvered Mica

    CM 7

    5100pF to 12000pF500VSilvered Mica

    CM 9

    200pF to 390pF100V to 500VSilvered Mica

    CMR 4

    200pF to 390pF100V to 500VSilvered Mica

    CMR 5

    270pF to 390pF500VSilvered Mica

    CMR 6

    430pF to 4700pF500VSilvered Mica

    CMR 7

    5100pF to 12000pF500VSilvered Mica

    MF 1

    4.7pF to 1200pF63V to 124VSilvered Mica

    MF 2

    4.7pF to 4700pF250V to 124VSilvered Mica

    MF 3

    4.7pF to 12nF500V to 1000VSilvered Mica

    MF 4

    4.7pF to 12nF250V to 500VSilvered Mica

    MF 5

    4.7pF to 33nF250V to 1000VSilvered Mica
  • High Voltage

    SeriesCapacitanceVoltageT° RangeToleranceDielectricNotes

    HP 86

    100pF to 2.2µF1500V to 20000VReconstituted Mica

    HT 78

    330pF to 1.5µF630V to 10000VReconstituted Mica

    HT 78 P

    330pF to 1.5µF630V to 10000VReconstituted Mica

    HT 86 P

    100pF to 2.2µF1500V to 20000VReconstituted Mica

    HT 96

    1000pF to 0.12µF3000V to 10000VReconstituted Mica

    HT 97

    100pF to 2.2µF1500V to 20000VReconstituted Mica

    HT 97 P

    100pF to 2.2µF1500V to 20000VReconstituted Mica
  • Mica Capacitors

    This natural mineral insulator has outstanding dielectric properties that are ideal for long-life high-stability capacitors with low loss at all frequencies, and high dielectric strength. This type of capacitor is used particularly for high frequency and delay line applications, oscillating circuits, emission devices and calibrators.

  • Mica Dielectric Capacitor Technology

    Mica dielectric capacitor technology also allows for several custom design applications including: High voltage capacitors (up to 50 kV) • High temperature capacitors (up to 250°C) • Precision capacitors (up to ± 0.1%) • High stability capacitors (– 20 + 30 ppm/°C) • High frequency capacitors ( up to several GHz). The majority of these capacitors are manufactured to comply to specifications NF-C-83120;MIL-C-5 and MIL-PRF-39001 standards.

    Mica capacitors are noted for the following characteristics:

    • Temperature performance
    • Low loss at all frequencies
    • High dielectric strength
    • Stability over time
  • Why choose a Silvered Mica Capacitor?

    Silver mica capacitors provide superior stability and low loss when used in RF power circuits that require low pico farad (pF) and nano farad (nF) ranges. Older silver mica capacitors were manufactured in layers of mica and silver, but the layering allowed room for air gaps that reduced the stability and could also create stress fractures in the assembly.

    Modern manufacturing uses silver plated to mica layers, eliminating the gaps. When the desired number of layers is obtained, the assembly is coated in an epoxy or ceramic resin. The coating reduces fracturing of the layers and seals the assembly from moisture and particles that could interfere with the capacitance value.

    Mica capacitors are useful in circuits for ripple filtering and are often found in time constant, coupling or resonance circuits. In addition to radio circuits, they are used in TV transmitters and Cable TV amplification circuits. Mica is also a superior choice in high-voltage inversion and power conversion for energy absorbing snubber applications with capacitances of up to 10 nF.

  • When do I need a Surface Mount Capacitor?

    Surface Mount Device (SMD) or Surface Mount Technology (SMT) mica capacitors provide several benefits over axial or radial assemblies. Eliminating the leads allows for a different package design that results in a smaller device size. Surface mount devices work well in automated operations and wave soldering.

    SMD mica capacitors mount directly to the PCB through metal connections on the ends of the assembly. The lack of through holes reduces the chance of broken traces and prevents debris from slipping under the capacitor and creating a short.

  • Radial and Axial Mica Capacitors

    Radial leads protrude from the base of the capacitor for through hole PCB mounting. This style offers a reasonably flush mount, but not as close as an SMD design. Axial mica capacitor lead styles have one lead coming out of each side of the capacitor. Both designs have benefits and drawbacks. Radial or axial leads can easily be placed to form series capacitance, 1/Ct = 1/C1 + 1/C2. They can also be used for parallel applications, Ct = C1 + C2. This lead style works well for creating parallel RC circuits.

    Excess bending of radial or axial lead devices can fracture the connection, creating an open circuit. Choose the smallest amount of lead possible for assembly in precise capacitance applications, excess exposed lead will create undesirable resistance and inductance.

  • What is the range of temperature tolerance?

    High temperature mica capacitors can be rated up to 200° F. (93.3° C) to withstand use in gas and oil drilling applications or engine ignitions. A combination of layer materials and coatings provides a wider range of temperature tolerance. Temperature resistance can also be combined into high voltage applications.

  • High Voltage Mica Capacitors

    Standard silver mica capacitors are normally designed to handle voltages from 100 to 1000 volts. High-voltage RF transmitter applications can call for higher tolerances. Mica capacitors are available for voltages up to 20kV. For more information on specialty applications, we provide a list of Exxelia Sales Representatives and Distributors. For clients outside of the U.S., contact Exxelia Sales Reps & Distributors.

  • Custom Mica Capacitors

    Our expert engineering team can create the mica capacitor with the characteristics you require. Send us your drawing or file and we will work with you to manufacture the correct size, lead style and capacitance you desire.

  • Contact a Exxelia Sales Rep or Distributor

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