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EMI/RFI Filters: Pi Type Filters

  • Pi Type Filters

    SeriesVoltageT° RangeCurrentFrequencyNotes


    50Vdc to 500Vdc (115Vac 400Hz complience)

    +125°Cup to 10A (25A on demand)

    Pi Circuits DC/AC(400Hz)

    Pi Circuits AC

    125VAC to 240VAC

    +125°C0.01A to 15A


    Pi Circuits DC

    50VDC to 300VDC

    +125°C0.001A to 10A


A three-section filter consisting of two feedthrough capacitors to ground with a series inductor between them. The Pi filter is usually symmetrical, as are all the Pi filters in this catalog, but circumstances sometimes warrant use of asymmetrical Pi circuits. A Pi filter has attenuation characteristics that increase at 60 dB per decade from its cutoff frequency to at least that frequency where it exhibits a minimum attenuation of 80 dB. It maintains this level at higher frequencies. Pi-Only Filters are the choice when high levels of attenuation are required and both the input & output impedances are similar.